Round 2 – Almond Flour Chocolate Cake

almond cake, ready to go
almond cake, ready to go
not their fault they're eating it...
not their fault they’re eating it…
Note to myself for all future cake barring: unless impossible to avoid, do not piggyback cake baring onto other events. You will lose all of your cake.

This last weekend, my friends were having a going away party at Golden Road Brewing in Atwater Village, so I decided I should just take the cake there. I made an Almond Flour Chocolate Cake as a going away present for my friends, and I made a second one for me to hold. The problem was that I couldn’t stop offering the cake that I had made specifically to offer strangers to all the people I already knew at the bar.

It is a hard, hard thing for me to hold a baked good and not give pieces away. That’s just bad manners.

So even though I had zero cake left after 10 minutes at the party, we had a wonderful time with our friends who are moving away, and I learned a valuable lesson for all future experiments.

Stop being so gosh darn generous.

clean plate
clean plate

*This week’s cake recipe was found in a Trader Joe’s panic after I had spent way too much time at Marshall’s on Saturday, and knew I needed something fast and easy. The cake turned out to be not as moist as I would have liked– I did substitute a LOT of cocoa powder for dark chocolate when I decided to make two cakes… You can find it here: Deep Dark Moist Almond Flour Chocolate Cake. It’s also gluten free.

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  1. Audrey, you are so gorgeous! My friends and I were happy to teach you that lesson:) Yum!

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