Round 3 – Ooey Gooey Cake

This week’s cake barring brought a welcome addition: my friend Dave, the first straight male to accompany us on the mission. Katy and I were quite taken with his resolve.

Dave’s most important contribution to the evening (although there were many) was to suggest decorating the cake. I’ve been staying away from cakes with icing (it takes longer to prepare, it’s too messy to serve, especially under our guise of, “oh, we just happened to arrive here with 80% of a cake– oh my gosh! you should totally take some! sorry we didn’t have the foresight to bring napkins!”) but Dave thought decoration would attract more attention. We decided our backstory was to have just come from a baby shower where all the overly weight-conscious guests had passed up our dessert. The cake says “OH BABY!” in jelly beans if you’re second guessing that picture.

We decided to go to Echo Park this week, thinking we’d have good luck finding, as Dave googled, “Young hot people bars.” I made an Ooey Gooey cake after hearing what my friends ate on their recent trip to New Orleans. There’s a dense vanilla cake base, a pudding-ish layer, and then a crackly, crispy top. Amazing. Mine turned out pretty good (even with the probably unprecedented addition of jelly beans), but I’m hoping to find another that produces a crispier vanilla wafer-like top layer.

We tried Gold Room first, (where we considered giving cake to the crowd of people waiting to get in, or the man selling kabobs), and then El Prado, (where there were also too many people for a good spot). We took a side trip down a stairwell to hear some Spoken Word about ovaries and manning up before giving some cake to a homeless man who tried to sell Dave chapstick. He asked if there was any weed in the cake.

Our last and most successful stop was at Mohawk Bend, where there is conveniently a happy hour after 11pm on Friday nights AND a long table conducive to laying out a partially eaten cake. I had been standing at the bar for 90 seconds before two men asked what I had under the foil. I was only too happy to tell them the cake came from a baby shower. (I should mention that someone nearby congratulated me.)

*Cake Eaters For Round 3: our Mohawk Bend waitress, a bartender, these two guys, the homeless man selling chapstick, Dave, Katy, and me.

While there is no clear winner for the evening, Echo Park might be in the lead.

For this simple Ooey Gooey cake recipe, click here.

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