greenish cake for st. patrick's day
green(ish) cake for st. patrick’s day
We semi-struck out this weekend. We chose a date place.


1642 is a beautiful bar, easy to miss on Temple Street near Echo Park. There are several cozy tables and booths and a long bar very conducive to cake displaying, but best of all, there’s a piano in the back. If I was a different kind of person, I would have pulled the obnoxious card when things started to look grim by playing some fuzzily remembered Debussy, but that’s not my style.

What’s my style? Bringing southern charm to bars by force feeding cake.

backpack straps
backpack straps
Everyone we saw at 1642 appeared to be on a date with the exception of 2 guys, one wearing a backpack and one wearing a suit. “Why are you wearing a backpack?” my friend Jen asked. “Why are you wearing hitchhiking gloves?” he asked back. What? What are hitchhiking gloves? Backpack guy still got some cake, and we found out his friend, the one in the suit (who you can also make out in this picture) had just come from playing a jazz show, where he accompanies (surprise!) my friend Jen’s aunt. Weirdly, he does not eat sweets, and sadly, he did not rejoin our group after our first conversation, despite smiling over at us several times. “He’s wearing a vintage suit. Don’t let that shit get away. Harpoon him til he’s overwhelmed,” said Savannah, on a high from our relative success last week. Even though I’m really not a big believer in preset who’s-turn-is-it rules, if I come over to offer you some cake, it’s kind of your turn to make the next move. A bunch of cute girls standing around a cake should not be an intimidating entry way into conversation.

But the vintage suit walked right by us on his way out.

st. patrick's day dream team
st. patrick’s day dream team
We stuck around for another hour or so, having a nice visit over the fluffy green cake I made for St. Patrick’s Day. My friends are just the best, driving all over the city and staying out late, despite our varying degrees of success. We even had two more friends join us after midnight. I went home with no voice and most of the cake, the beginnings of a bad cold. Chrissy actually saw the guy in the vintage suit playing at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market the next morning. It’s probably good I wasn’t there, as it would have been too tempting to try to offer him another dessert.

My friend Katie recently mentioned my cake bar experiment to a guy friend of hers I’ve met a few times, who was under the impression I have a serious boyfriend. Apparently, my personality is giving off the wrong vibe as closed for business. Approaching strangers with cake at bars could only be feeding into this preconceived notion that sweet girls are otherwise engaged. I’m not sure how I can try to come off as more available while continuing to offer up cake, but hopefully the right person will figure it out.

This week’s super moist super delicious Watergate Cake came from the super fun Cake Mix Doctor cookbook.

Recipe coming soon!

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  1. Maybe you should be trying salad? I say that simply because the ladies I know who aren’t in committed relationships in Los Angeles tend to steer clear of anything that includes the words “carbs” or “butter” or “sugar.”

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