strawberry shortcake
Shortcake I “Made”

My friend Marcella and I both got rejected this week, and I think it’s my fault– it’s karma for not baking the cake myself. We also went to a bar I’d already been to before, pre-cake barring experiment, so maybe I’m killing the magic since I should be choosing only new places full of new boys to try to talk into eating what I brought.

We ended up at the Surly Goat in West Hollywood, which is actually pretty conducive to sitting with a cake on display. There are several seating areas and picnic tables outside, (in addition to a tiny game room, where maybe we should have positioned ourselves for the entire night). Because the bar was so crowded, our strategy was for me to walk around and invite boys back to the table for a piece. Our made-up friend Michelle from college, (well, Marcella went to college with her, but I didn’t– she’s really more of a recent acquaintance), had just had a birthday party, but we left because no one wanted any cake and we don’t like her boyfriend anyway.

We actually used this story when people asked.

Our only taker... who promptly left
Our only taker… who promptly left
My walking around the bar looking for boys to bring back to our table didn’t work as well as we’d hoped, and it provided a weird opportunity for someone to move in on Marcella, grabbing another guy whose outfit she admitted to liking, and trying to force him to talk to her. Marcella said he looked liked a wet cat trying to escape. I get a small amount of personal points for seeing a guy I wanted to talk to at the bar and going up to him… even though not only did he not want any cake (“Sorry, I would, but I just came from a birthday party down the street”) but didn’t want to talk after I stuck around to see if he wanted to chat anyway (“Okay, well, have a good night”).

My boss gently pointed out that he wouldn’t want to eat cake with beer, so maybe I should be baking something that’s a better complement to bar drinks. My question is whether boys would eat the cake when they didn’t want any in the first place just to keep me around. I mean, I would. If it were the other way around. But then again, I could always eat another piece of cake. And yes, my bosses are all in on this, as are most of my co-workers, the office manager, the owner of our company, boys I used to go out with, my aunts, my neighbors, strangers on Facebook… It’s all very exciting.

***This week’s cake was an Angel food cake from Trader Joe’s (amazing– only $3.99), which I covered with whipped cream and thawed, unfrozen strawberries. Maybe if I’d used fresh strawberries that guy would have talked to me… whatever…

This week’s entry (and really every entry) is dedicated to my amazing friend Marcella, who leaves for Germany tomorrow with a one way ticket. This was our latest (but not last) cake barring together for quite some time.  x

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  1. Audrey – it just occurred to me that perhaps cake is not the right answer. I hate to generalize, but while *I* and many other women I know may drop everything at the mention of cake, I don’t know if men have the same immediate reaction to the idea. Especially while in bars, when that implies a fork and a plate are necessary for consumption. HOWEVER – what about BROWNIES? Like big fat triple fudge chunk brownies that you could eat with one hand (and wouldn’t necessarily taste bad with beer!)?

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