There is no picture because this cake is being made tomorrow. (I left my wallet at home during yoga several hours ago, then stopped at the grocery store to buy whipping cream for no reason.)

THE GOOD NEWS, HOWEVER, is that this cake is being made for just one person– the boy who’s responsible for my throwing in the towel on future cake bar ventures for the time being.


We started dating almost a month ago, and despite all of my internal wariness, things keep going so very happily that it’s finally time to charmingly bring this up. This cake is to ease us into my confession, which I’m hoping he’ll find funny and not deceptive, and promptly run out of my house. Because I recently told him I wanted to be a bride when I grew up (psycho) and that I own pajamas with brides on them (psycho-er) and he did not abandon me at Starbucks upon learning this, I think he’ll find this all very creative, and somehow, oddly predictable. I hope.

I really thought that if I met someone I liked before the end of the year I would just have him come cake bar with me, and we’d continue the experiment for the sake of the blog with the most platonic of intentions. But I don’t really feel like I can justify seeking out single boys anymore now that I’ve found such an incredibly special one. This one uses way too many emoticons in text messages. He always asks if he can bring something. And he’s taken an active interest in my double rejection from Birthright Israel. I am very suddenly staying up way past my bedtime telling him stories, making tennis plans, and getting comfortable with being so comfortable around someone who was until pretty recently a stranger I offered cake to at Bar Lubitsch.

I kind of adore him, and think he’s especially precious for continuing to indulge my sugar monsterness, despite the highly suspicious fact that he can’t eat very much dessert at once.

IT WORKED, YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So does this mean it all ends? Is he technically the winner?


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  1. This is such an awesome post – good luck today! 🙂

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