cake excitement
cake excitement
andra last day and liz has something to say
andra last day / liz has something to say

Okay. So I BOUGHT a cake under the duress of time constraints for last week’s cakebarring. And even though yes, I feel like a total poser, I would feel more embarrassed about it if the cake hadn’t been so gosh darn good, giving me not 1 but 2 nights of cake eating success.

This is what happened.

It was my dear friend Andra’s last day of work on Friday, so we celebrated her tenure by taking her to the Surly Goat, making it my third time there with a cake this year. Despite the fact that I usually have zero success taking cakes to places I’ve already been before, (a self-imposed cakebarring curse, if you will), between our friends and neighboring strangers, I managed to get rid of half of it. A guy who doesn’t even like cake and didn’t want any asked for my number. (What? That’s never happened before.) We’ll go get dessert at Ramekin some time, he said. He’s more of a pie person. It doesn’t even matter that he hasn’t called. I just still can’t believe he didn’t eat any of the cake and still wanted to hang out.

you girls are all beautiful, but that CAKE!
“you girls are all beautiful, but that CAKE!”

People who don’t like cake liked this cake. It was like a fake ice cream cake, with whipped mint chocolate chip frosting on top and in between the layers. The actual cake could have been a little more moist, but the Andes mints on top more than made up for it. And why yes– it was from the grocery store bakery section.

Come Saturday night, we still had the other half of the cake, so Chrissy, Katy, and I took our visiting friend Neily to The Phoenix, a newly reopened bar on La Cienega we’d never been to. Neily, who is recently married and absolutely unavailable, was determined to try out cakebarring. Maybe it was the magic of bringing her along, or her agreeing to pretend it was her birthday, but never in all our cakebarring days have we been offered so many drinks.

aerospace steve & co
aerospace steve & co

The Phoenix has ascended to #1 on my favorite LA bars list. Valet is only $5, and they were still having happy hour when we arrived– our 3 drinks combined were only $9. (Highway robbery!) They have games and books for actual use, and pretty inside and outside seating areas. Both the seating hostess and waitress made a big effort to help us find a place to sit with our cake when we walked in, which I super appreciated. They must be southerners.

But of course, the best part of our Phoenix night were the guys we met. There was the friendly entertainment writer who sought out our birthday cake and bought us a round of drinks. There were the recent college grads next to us, the friendliest of whom told Chrissy she was “still pretty bangin'” when she told him how old she was. And then there were the 3 friends who work in aerospace that we talked to for several hours, becoming our bff comrades to the point of my revealing the whole cakebarring scheme to them. I have to tell you guys… I actually do this every week. Luckily, they thought this was all very funny, and were happy to be in on the scheming. They asked lots of questions, gave lots of good advice, and we parted ways with dinner party plans and recipe exchanges. To Steve & Co.– I’m sorry I lied to you about making the cake myself. I hope we can still be friends.

cakebarring champs
#cakebarring champs

The night was only topped by my running into my sweet friends who are recently engaged, and then accidentally cutting the host of Catfish in the valet line. “I’m so sorry, that was so rude,” I said when I realized what I had done, reaching out to apologetically touch the arm that belonged to Nev Schulman. And then I realized it belonged to Nev Schulman. “It’s really not that rude,” his friend assured me, and I ran from the scene.

I really have to stop touching strangers.

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