YOU GUYS. You can actually witness some Audrey cakebarring on TELEVISION. If you want to skip to the end to find out when and disregard the entry in between, I won’t hold it against you.

I won’t say where we went last week, or why I don’t happen to have any pictures of the cake, (which turned out really lovely and won me some real enthusiasm). All I’ll say for now is that last weekend’s players included my dad, my sister, my dad’s best friend from high school, my sister’s boyfriend, my sister’s boyfriend’s friend, and my dearest Katy friend, who’s been in this with me since round one. We were quite a team at the bar, with my dad’s best friend really working the crowd by the end of the night, asking the people around us about their deepest emotional needs. My dad had woken up at 3:15AM that morning to run the Disneyland half marathon, and was alert enough by the end of our cake gallivanting to take everyone to Canter’s for a second dinner. Combined with my mom’s tendency to start elaborate craft projects in the middle of the night, I’m starting to see where I get my late night baking stamina.

My sister and I had made a Tennessee Whiskey cake in honor of our great green homeland, and we ended up doubling the recipe to make a taller round cake. It was fall out of your seat good. Our cake eaters included a real estate agent, a cardiologist, a tennis player, and a Scottish-American hybrid family whose patriarch told me he would leave his wife and adult son for me and the cake (while they were sitting right there). There were cute guys in cute glasses eyeing the cake but declining my offers. There was the married guy I accidentally offered a piece to, who was still a good sport about complimenting the cake, and his tall single friend who gave me one word answers. Don’t you realize I’m providing an ice breaker here? Throw me a bone, dude. 

My sister ordered Katy and me Dirty Shirleys, and we almost finished them. How far we’ve come this year.

This week’s whiskey cake recipe is from the rockstar Rachael Ray. I will be on her show on Thursday, September 19th.


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  1. Audrey, we are so excited for you! Your mom and dad have been keeping us updated on things.We will definetly be watching.

  2. i’m flipping out over your cake fame explosion!

  3. Audrey, this is brilliant! And I’m so delighted to see you!

  4. Saw the show and you were amazing.Loved SEEING what cakebarring is all about.You and Madeline looked BEAUTIFUL!

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