golden birthday cake!
golden birthday cake!
my friend mike helps me serve
my friend mike helps me serve
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I really should have tried harder to buy a lottery ticket on my birthday. I turned 27 on the 27th at 7:27AM. Despite my otherwise level-headedness, I’ve always had unreasonably high expectations for this year.

As in, it will be like, the best year ever.

Since I’ve always felt older than everyone else, (I believe another word for this is prude), I’ve grown up hoping that I would finally feel age appropriate by 27. It might be more realistic to have this feeling at say, 47, but for now, I’m just thrilled to have a golden year ahead of me, surrounded by so many sweet sweet friends and cakebarring sparks.

This weekend I invited friends to come by The Pikey in Hollywood to have a piece of birthday cake– my 27th one this year. It felt very odd to walk into a bar armed with my actual birthday cake after fibbing about it for most of this year. I broke my own rules by going to a place I’ve been to before with a cake– a usual no-no in the imaginary cakebarring handbook– but we loved The Pikey so much when we were there with our reporter friend a few weeks ago that we decided to go back.

I made two very involved lemon drop cakes from the amazing Baked cookbook, planning to use 1 for my friends and 1 for cakebarring purposes. I’ll come clean and admit I bought the lemon curd for in between the layers to save a little time. The cakes turned out UHMAZING, blinged up by my on-site cake decorator Chrissy. People who don’t even like lemon cake went crazy over it.

By the end of the night, we only had 1 piece left for actual cakebarring purposes. (It’s a nice problem to have that you have so many friends pop by your birthday party that all of your cake disappears.) I actually struck out with a few people I offered cake to– “I’m watching my figure” — “I just ate” — “I have a nut allergy.” Yes, it finally happened, y’all– I encountered someone with a nut allergy. My friend Liz suggested giving this special final piece to Ben Savage from Boy Meets World, who was eating dinner a few booths away, but I was determined not to interrupt his 2AM meal, surrounded by pretty girls.

I finally found a table who was interested right as the bar was closing. One of the guys started smearing frosting from the cake in his friend’s ear as we were taking a picture, and I turned around with newly acquired scary impatience and breathed fire. “That cake took me three hours to make so you better not waste it, sir.” At which point, the perpetrator sat up, apologized, and downed the rest of the cake.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Maybe that’s why a boyfriend would just be some (I have to) icing on the cake.

I went there.

lemon drop cake number 1
lemon drop cake #1
lemon drop cake number 2
lemon drop cake #2
cakebarring teammates finally get some real birthday cake!
cakebarring teammates finally get some real birthday cake!
miss jen and me
miss jen and me
cakebarring queen
cakebarring queen
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  1. I love it. You made me laugh so….well, we won’t go there.
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday.
    Love, Mary Kaye

  2. Audrey,I have to say HAPPY birthday and much success to you.I remember when the pic of you WAS taken as a little girl.So sweet.

  3. OMG your bday cakes were soooooo pretty!!!! Incredible! Hope this year is your best yet! <3 meg (from the wedding!)

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