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In the News

May 26, 2015
Sitting in Bars with Cake lands on LA Magazine's Summer Reading List for Foodies. Read the full article ›

May 20, 2015
Check out an excerpt of Sitting in Bars with Cake on Medium—"The Guy Who Danced Like No One Was Watching." Read the excerpt ›

May 2015
As May's Tastemaker, Audrey fills Marie Claire UK in on some of the more interesting characters she met Cakebarring. Print edition only.

April 22, 2015
In a guest post, Audrey shares her journey and the end result of all that cake. Read the full article ›

April 21, 2015
Lauren from A Touch of Southern Grace reviews Sitting in Bars with Cake. Read the full review ›

April 11, 2015
Anna Moore and Audrey discuss the stories behind Sitting in Bars with Cake and life after a year of Cakebarring. Read the full article ›

April 7, 2015
Eva and Jennie of the food blog Garlic, My Soul review Audrey's book and recount a memorable day swapping stories and pastries in Los Angeles. Read the full review ›

March 30, 2015
In advance of her book publication, Audrey is interviewed by her hometown's Chapter 16 blog: "Forcing myself to go up to strangers every weekend with cake became really good practice for going up to strangers without cake—not only guys I was interested in talking to, but people I wanted to network with at industry events, girls I wanted to befriend at parties—I think this new kind of fearlessness even helped me in job interviews. Cakebarring definitely made me braver, and the sheer routine of keeping up my blog about what was unfolding made me a much better writer. I’m much more confident in my writing voice now." Read the full article ›

March 28, 2015
Writing for The Daily Mail's You magazine, Audrey shares the secrets of a year of Cakebarring™ plus a recipe for Hidden Layer Chocolate-Raspberry Torte: "‘Would you guys like some of my cake?’ I asked. I might as well have asked if they wanted some sex. ‘You made this?’ they asked, their mouths full. ‘Are you an angel?’" Read the full article ›

January 20, 2015
Audrey wrote about her Cakebarring™ adventures throughout the year and beyond for The Huffington Post. In her most recent article, Audrey checks in one year later, with a book deal and a boyfriend. See all › See all ›

February 14, 2014
Evan Kleiman of KCRW talks food, love and dating with Audrey on her show, Good Food with Evan Kleiman. Listen to the clip ›

December 13, 2013
Lauren Osen of KPCC's Take Two covers cakebarring and its role in Chrissy and Audrey's lives. “In a weird way, the cakebarring routine has been really comforting, to kind of have it as this steady, stable thing in our lives,” said Audrey. “Baking cakes is like a hobby and taking it to bars is like a sport, you know, who can we meet with the cake?” Listen to the clip ›

December 3, 2013
Sarah St. Lifer of the Los Angeles Times sits down with Audrey to discuss the best cakes and the worst pickup lines. Read the full article ›

September 19, 2013
Rachael Ray invites Audrey on her television show to describe her project and get advice from "love life strategist" Matthew Hussey. Watch the full clip ›

August 11, 2013
Audrey advises Jennifer Wright of The New York Post on Cakebarring™ basics before Wright tries her hand at taking cakes to bars in New York City. Read the full article ›

July 16, 2013
Tracey Moore of Jezebel writes, "I don't even know Audrey Shulman and now I want to go to one of these bars in LA and be her cake friend. Because she comes off as impossible not to like...She has a great attitude, a refreshing honesty about what she wants, and a certain fearlessness." Read the full article ›

June 5, 2013
Fidel Martinez of The Daily Dot quotes Audrey about the night Cakebarring™ was born: "The cake was magic, because it made me a magnet; suddenly every boy within spitting distance was looking at me, silently formulating an action plan on how to come over." Read the full article ›