First Round – Gingerbread Apple Upside-Down Cake

For my first cake bar adventure, I decided to make a gingerbread apple upside-down cake for The Roger Room, an old speakeasy bar in West Hollywood.

It’s the best cake I’ve ever made. (I hope I start writing that every week.)

My best friend Katy was my gracious sidekick for the evening. We had our backstory down– we’d just come from a birthday party, we were still carrying leftovers, we could keep our true identities, etc. My first mistake was getting there late– by 10pm, the bar was too packed, with nowhere for us to even stand, (especially holding a cake covered in aluminum foil, with two pieces strategically removed). We ended up driving to St. Nick’s pub instead… where there were almost no people. We decided to stay, (at least there would be a place for us to sit with the cake), and maybe someone would appear that we wanted to give a piece of cake to. I mean, talk with.

After an hour or so of visiting over our drinks, we were feeling unsuccessful. “This is all my fault,” Katy said. “I’m giving off a bad vibe.” I assured her that this was not the case, and we had just picked the wrong place at the wrong time. “It’s okay if we don’t talk to anyone. It just matters that we’re trying.”

The guy sitting near us with a backwards baseball cap who had been watching the football game on TV, (and who I assumed would have zero interest in talking to us), suddenly interrupted. “What are you guys talking about? You seem, like, really intensely talking about something.” Ding. Meet Joey.

Not only did Joey not ask what kind of cake I’d made, he even let me take a picture of him eating it. “I only end up here if my night goes terribly wrong,” he told us. “What happened?” we asked.
“The other bar I was at closed.” He talked to us for an hour, (he loves the show Katy works on), and was only too happy to complain about his broken arm, and show us the damage under his shirt.

While Joey was not an ideal candidate for either of us, (“Do you knit while you watch TV?” “Um, no, Joey, I don’t”), he was all the encouragement I needed in continuing the experiment.

**Notes for next time: don’t sit with your back to the door. Don’t leave the cake covered. Don’t assume boys will care what kind it is. They will probably eat anything.

The cake I made is from the amazing Smitten Kitchen blog: Gingerbread Apple Upside-Down Cake

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